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Our Story


Clean as Kale™ was sprouted to answer simple question...

"Why can't skincare be as pure and clean as the food we strive to eat"?  

After starting my first company, Origin Almond, I witnessed that more people care about, and are conscious of the foods they put into their body.  We all know that consuming natural, whole foods leads to lasting physical health & mental wellness.  However I was surprised to discover that many of the 'natural' skincare products that we place on our bodies are full of artificial nasties & cheap, filler ingredients that are good for beauty manufacturers but terrible for our skin.

People, and our own skin, deserve a better option.

Recognizing that the skin is the body's largest organ and that it absorbs a great deal of environmental toxins, I sought out to create a new facial care product, as these were the most essential items in our skincare routines.  

With curiosity and determination, I began to seek better alternatives to cheap & commonly used skincare ingredients.  After reading books, consulting with holistic beauty enthusiasts & sharing ideas with friends, neighbors, herbalists & dermatologists, my team & I started experimenting.

Focusing on ancient & potent plant-based remedies, we found a simple yet effective blend of botanic oil infusions that yielded powerful moisturizing and clarifying properties.  By adding particlized living almonds as an gentle exfoliant, these oils were transformed into the first ever clay-free facial mask that's powered by living plant enzymes.  At first glance, these Enzymatic Polishing Granules look like semi-wet sand.  But once activated by a few drops of liquid, they transform into a luxurious and exfoliating plant-based mask.

About our name.  Early into our days of formulating the first batch, we wanted to pick a name that best described our scrappy but passionate team.  Something that combined the spirit of plant power, is synonymous with good health & didn't take itself too seriously.  Then one day, as we were lunching on a homemade kale salad, our food became our namesake.  So while there's no actual Kale in our products, we promise you that all our formulas contain only plant-based ingredients and zero... anything else.  We invite you to celebrate & delight in beauty that's as Clean as Kale.  :)