Golden Spiced Healer ꙮ Enzymatic Polishing Granules

Golden Spiced Healer ꙮ Enzymatic Polishing Granules


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Enzymatic Polishing Granules ꙮ The first non-clay face mask that moisturizes & gently exfoliates.  Skin is left soft, supple & with a healthy glow.

Golden Spiced Healer.  For Problematic, Reddened & Inflamed Skin.  Activated Almond Enzymes + Ancient Golden Spices remedies afflicted skin, purifies clogged pores & gently exfoliates for a clarifying, natural glow. Suitable for daily use.

TURMERIC treats acne, eczema & inflamed skin
CINNAMON antimicrobial & anti-fungal agent
AROMATIC ALLSPICE ancient hydration & repair
ACTIVATED ALMOND gentle exfoliation + soft glow

Ingredients: Activated Living Almond Particles, Proprietary Botanical Oil Blend (Almond, Tea Tree, Argan), Ancient Golden Spice Blend (Turmeric, Cinnamon, Allspice). ...and that's it.

✓ vegan
X parabens
X phthalates
X sulfates
X clay fillers
X ingredients with x y or z
X cruelty

All orders includes a carved birch spatula to scoop out granules.  Each jar yields approx. 20 applications.

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Directions: After cleansing face, use provided spatula to measure a quarter-size of granules onto palm and blend with a few drops of water or facial liquid of choice. Mix with fingers until a course paste forms. Massage onto face with gentle circular sweeping motions. Rinse with warm water and pat dry. Smile, glow & conquer.

ALLERGEN Contains Tree Nuts (Almonds)